Walking and dog sitting service in Amsterdam Center and Westerpark

In order to maintain their health, dogs need to run and play every day, to get rid of excess energy. For that reason, the walking sessions last 1.5 hours. It gives the dogs ample opportunity to run through the forest, sniff around and play with other dogs.
The areas where I walk the dogs are all woody areas in close proximity to Amsterdam, with ample water, shade and large fields, so they can really run around. Since I limit the pick up area to Amsterdam Centrum and Westerpark, the travelling times are short and the dogs won’t need to be in the van for long.
I will pick up the dog from your home and will return the dog back to your home after it’s walk. For transportation I use a van that meets all safety requirements.

Flexibility is very important to me, which is why there are several shifts per day. I will walk your dog in the weekend too, if that suits your needs. Furthermore, from April through October, “Meneer de Hond” offers everyone with flexible work hours an extra evening shift, so you can take a rest at home, while your dog releases some of it’s excess energy in the park. I also offer a special day and/or evening session for puppy dogs or elderly dogs that cannot walk or play too long at a time.

Due to the small scale operation, the fact that I go on three shifts a day and because of the flexibility, often it is possible to decide on the day itself, whether or not you would like your dog to be walked. No charge will be made, should you decide at the last minute that your dog will not go on a walk. It goes without saying that the packs are usually the same, as the same dogs go on set times, and of course you can decide set days or dates on which you would like your dogs to be walked.


I am sure you think it’s important, but also fun to know where and with what other dogs your dog plays. As an extra service to you, I regularly film your dog during the walks and you can log in to the FACEBOOK PAGE  Meneer de Hond  whenever you like to look at the footage.

Dog sitting service

The situation may arise where you will have to be away from home a few days, and you do not want to ask your neighbours (again) to look after your dog. From now on, that is no longer a concern. I am offering you a sleepover address for your dog! Your dog can stay at my place, and will have the company of my own dog, Ziggy. I do not allow for more than 2 dogs to stay at my place at one time, thus insuring that your dog gets plenty of attention. It can come along on the walks and will therefore get plenty of exercise. Ziggy eats BARF (Biologically Appropiate Raw Food) from De Vergulde Hond , so should your dog have another diet, please supply its own food.

In short, Meneer De Hond offers:

  • Two shifts a day, each lasting 1.5 hours, 5 days a week
  • Available to all dogs from 6 months old
  • Separate shifts for dogs that can not or should not run for longer periods, such as puppy dogs or elderly dogs
  • I visit all possible walking areas around Amsterdam
  • In case of high outside temperatures, always an available area where your dog can go into the water
  • Flexible, so last minute cancellations or additions are no problem
  • Last minute cancellations free of charge
  • No elevated tariffs during the weekend or holidays
  • Dog sitting in a homely environment