Your dog must have all necessary vaccinations (Carre’s disease, Leptospirosis, parvovirus, infectious cough, kennel cough)

Your dog needs to be chipped.

Your dog must have had, or is having treatment against flees, ticks and worms.

Your dog must be used to walking without a leash, and needs to understand basic commands.

Your dog must have a collar and we will supply a small cylinder with the mobile number of the walking service.

You have to have a third-party insurance and your dog needs to be included, should your dog inflict damages to third parties.

Meneer de Hond dog walking and dog sitting service does not accept any liability should your dog run away (of “if your dog runs away” ).

In the unlikely event of your dog getting hurt during walking, “Meneer de Hond dog walking service” may decide to consult with a veterinarian. We will always try to get your approval first. The costs for the veterinarian are always for the pet owner.

Your dog needs to be socially adept in interacting with both humans and other animals.

In case of illness or if your dog is in heat, he or she cannot come on the walk. Dogs in heat can be walked separately and on a leash.

Puppy dogs up to 4 months cannot join the walks. We have separate walking sessions for puppy dogs.

Any infectuous diseases or heat, should be reported to Meneer de Hond immediately.

As the dog owner, you will, at all times, remain responsible for any damages your dog may inflict on third parties or on objects.

Meneer de Hond is not liable for any injuries, illnesses, infections, lameness or possible running away of your dog.

Meneer de Hond is not liable for any damages to your house or interior, resulting from a wet or dirty dog. We will, at all times,  strive to deliver your dog back home as clean and as dry as possible.

Meneer de Hond will take your dog for a walk at all agreed days and times.

Meneer de Hond will walk your dog for a minimum of one and a half hours.