Who am i

Meneer de Hond is Ype van der Zee. After having worked in catering and in the movie business for years, I felt it was time for a change. I have often had the fortunate circumstance of being able to bring my own dog, Ziggy, to work. Ziggy is an 10 year old, half Belgian Sheperd, half unknown. However, every now and again, I too had trouble finding a last minute solution for a good place to stay.

I took a sabbatical of a year, trying to find a new direction in my professional life. During that year, I had ample time to take Ziggy for walks. Increasing numbers of friends approached me and asked if I could take their dog on a walk too, and thus, slowly, the concept of “Meneer de Hond” developed. A friend of mine has a dog walking service in Amsterdam Zuid and she offered me a short traineeship. When she went on a trip abroad for 4 months and asked me to fill in for her, I decided the right time had arrived. Since I was brought up with dogs and have always had a dog, I have always known that “Meneer de Hond” would someday come into existence.
I originally started to build my business by way of references. Meneer de Hond is currently a dogwalking and dog sitting service that has made some pet owners since 10 years extremely happy.